Research for Product Organisations

We help you find your product-market fit, prioritize development, and build great products. Our methods make user insights actionable.

Design for Product Development

We design products: IoT, Smart Systems, Apps. We also future-proof your design workflows by creating automated design-to-code pipelines.

Quality and Product Strategy

Quality is in our DNA. We help you maintain it. 
Our workshops help you focus on what comes next by manifesting strategies into actionable concepts.

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We analyse your research material with our methods. You learn about your market fit. No material – no problem!

Results within 2 Weeks Starting at 5.500 Euros
For Product Owners, Market Researchers, Founders

Design Decisions

We audit your product or service and give actionable feedback that you as a decider can run your team with.

Results within 2 Weeks Starting at 5.500 Euros
For Product Owners, Market Researchers, Founders

Design System Jetpack

We set up the basics of your design system from scratch, so you save time. Your toolbox for design, full of templates!

Results within 2 Weeks Starting at 6.500 Euros
For early stage or small Design- and Product Teams


Good Mobility for All

We believe that good mobility should be accessible to all.

With Fairtiq – a public transport ticketing app – we showcase prime quality and usability in a redesign of their white label app. Our team reinvented the app, along our 7 rules for good design for mobility.

Image by Vay

The main interaction principle

With Vay, the remote driving scale-up, we did their very first end-to-end user test. We’ve completed all interactions into one experience. And tested it with users.

We’ve focussed the team on their main interaction principle, which is still valid.

“It’s never and always time to test.”

Automated Design-to-Code

Design systems span from design strategy, to asset libraries, to code. We deliver it all.

We’re proud of the CI  /  CD pipeline we’ve built with our client team: reduced the number of components and structured the system to meet the dev team needs.

“This makes our work much more efficient!”

What our clients say

Our work with Telling shows that we are serious about ‘public transport made easy’, and helps us to bring Fairtiq to ever more people.

Jonas Lutz / CPO at FAIRTIQ

Through Telling, we improved our UX decisions in the leadership team. Telling has given us a whole new vocabulary! They objectified good design for us.

Quality Manager / DAX Company

A good product is the BEST marketing! Thanks! The design explains our service more effectively. The professional appearance is simply perfect.

Program Director / City Administration

Don’t go anywhere, we need you!

Product Owner / DAX Company

Telling Studio pieced the puzzle together for the first time, coming up with our main interaction principle.
Thanks guys!

Design Manager / at Vay

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We love tech, it is the clay our ideas are made from. But human motivation sustains, while technology evolves. We know design & code and we connect well across disciplines. Thanks to our network-setup, we have the expert you need.